The first WSE English Summer Camp took place under the name Cosmopolitan Youth in 2004 with two teams.

As a result of the success of this first year, and the encouraging feedback received from local schools and participating students, we have continued to expand the programme ever since, and 2018 summer marks the 15th year of the programme.   

WSE Cosmopolitan Youth English Summer Camps aims to provide our local primary and secondary students a fun-to-join English learning experience, cultivating their confidence in speaking English, improving their English speaking and listening skills, and encouraging their independent creative thoughts through an interactive and fun-packed activity-based curriculum.

Native-speaking undergraduates have been carefully selected from partner universities in UK as our camp teachers, with the volunteers from Hong Kong’s tertiary institutions as teaching assistants. A better understanding and appreciation of the cultures of the east and west among the local and overseas youngsters will be cultivated during collaboration and interaction.



- To provide students a fun-to-join, activity-based English learning experience

- To practice and improve students’ English speaking and listening skills through the programme

- To foster mutual understanding and intercultural communication skills and experience among local students and overseas teachers

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