Amazing Summer Join us to have an amazing and meaningful summer in 2017.  This full of fun English programme will definitely bring you an extraordinary cultural exchanging experience. It offers you an opportunities to enhance your English and social skills while working along with the overseas counterpart as well as teaching experience with the local primary and secondary students through this scheme. Programme Details:

1) Period:

  • 3-8 July 2017

Volunteers must commit to attend the preparation week

  • Week 1: 10-14 July 2017
  • Week 2: 17-21 July 2017
  • Week 3: 24-28 July 2017
  • Week 4: 31 July-4 August 2017

Volunteers must commit at least 3 camp weeks. (Please choose at least 2 options from the above)

2) School Camp (5 Days)

  • Camp Day:Monday – Friday / Saturday
  • Working Hour:9am – 4pm

3) Allowance & Attendance

  • Daily allowance will be provided for every  teaching day.
  • HKD500 deposit will be collected on the interview day.
  • Any leave application need to be submitted and approved by the project coordinator at least 3 camp days before, otherwise HKD100 deposit will be deducted each time.
  • Volunteers with attendance rate of 80% or above and without any unauthorized  absence can fully reimburse the deposit after completion of the programme.

4) Your Role Teaching Assistant

  • Cooperate with and assist overseas teachers
  • Assist in leading the local students to learn
  • Manage the local students’ discipline
  • Act as the bridge between the local students and overseas teachers
  • Act as the ambassador

5) Online Application